Agent ILN and MK5

is creating MC: Reclamation (A Minecraft inspired graphic novel)

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A universe of life is engulfed in war... Whether they're a combatant, or just an obstacle, they're still involved in the wars. And the outcome of war? Peace, and reward. We all know and love Minecraft itself for it's appealing sandbox. All the freedom, and creativity... at your fingertips... But no one knows what happened before this peace and reward. Until now...

Minecraft: Reclamation tells a tale of what happened before the peace and creativity. A story where gods and man fight in favor of their goals. On one side, lies a demi-god named Hero. Hero claims to be the son of a god, resurrects many vile beings from Hell. If they'll fight for his side, he will, in return, give them the golden ticket to heaven. Hero desires many pieces of an ancient sword... His reason was never given, but that is all he requests

On the other side, lies our heroes... Agents ILN, ALN (Andronos), and MK5. ILN ,the remnant of a kingdom-aged planet, has lived through over 200 years of war and is ready to join this ongoing conflict. Andronos, human with a hard-on for guns, is one survivor of a ZED infested planet. He was rescued by ILN in the past, and then later became the best of friends. Andronos may not have powers, but oh boy, he knows his guns. He will follow ILN until his dying breath. MK5... no one knows this Alien's history. He doesn't even know... But that backstory takes way too long. MK5 is the Czar of the 2nd strongest factions in the universe. (1st goes to Hero). And he built it with his bare hands. He is the leading charge against Hero, and wishes to stop him. He won't be able to do it without ILN...

I, MK5, see HUGE potential. And I mean HUGE. ILN & I have created an amazing storyline full of rich and detailed Lore, which is also full of unique characters in this completely original storyline. So, to compare it, we use the TurDuckEn. Yeah, turkey stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a chicken. That's our lore. But this series really pushes the limits on what people are used to. If it didn't, it would be like every other story ever made. Hollywood is running out of ideas, and it needs originality. And if it get's picked up, I am going to milk the hell out of it. But, it will be original. We prepared a trilogy of trilogies worth of story. And I, myself, have came up with THE BEST game for this. It's formula cannot be publicly announced, because it's that good. (AAA, GOTY). 

Hello I am ILN mentioned earlier I see lots of potential in this awesome comic. With tons of mysteries, planets, powers, and characters. There's also a lot of kickass scenes of me fighting Hero's army. Don't be confused by his name, he's pure evil. Not only we use Minecraft lore we also throw in some crazy things that I cant explain I literally don't have the words you understand to explain it. I have great expectations of this series and hope all can see it and if it does well it will become a animated series. I also have good ideas for games coming up for this.
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