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You are AWESOME!

The council of 10 of my top fans will have the ability to vote for a special request on what song* I will attempt to dethrone per month (separate from the bi-weekly release that I'm planning).

I will also release the video** on these 10 people 1 week earlier before releasing the video publicly in Youtube

*Attempted song will have no level limit
**Video will be a raw uncompressed recording of the dethrone attempt (average size 240MB)
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You are special!

I will do a super special song* request JUST FOR YOU. You will also have the ability to either let me release the video publicly, or just for you. (I will tell my supporters on what song it is Incase I successfully dethroned the leader on that song)

*Attempted song will have no level limit
**Video will be a raw uncompressed recording of the dethrone attempt (average size 240MB)




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About Michael David Pascual

Hello World!, This is MDuh and I'm here in Patreon to share you my Rhythm Skills (O2Jam) to everyone. 

What am I asking donations for?

Are you tired of seeing Koreans dominating the leaderboards in your games, or rather specifically, O2Jam U?
I, as a long-time O2Jam player wants to use my skill to dethrone people in the leaderboards and take their crown for us to celebrate. What I'm trying to do is to be a "O2Jam Leaderboard Dethroner" for hire.

How will this circus be run?

At launch or the very start of this patreon campaign, I will be giving a poll with a list of songs that I own in O2Jam* and I will let you decide on what song I will attempt to snatch the first place.
As I get more support from you guys, I will (In chronological order): 

- Be Able to purchase more songs in my library (Currently own 89 songs)
- Have Access to dethrone ALL SONGS** in O2Jam
- Be Able to attempt harder and harder songs to be dethroned
- Be having Song dethrone request monthly (for my top fan donators)
- Then finally try to do a weekly dethrone basis at my very best (Maximum of 6 dethrone songs attempts per month, the remaining 2 will be coming from the rewards).

I will attempt to do 2 song dethrone attempts per month at the very start of this campaign, increasing as the donation amount increases.

First wave of voting will start at June 10 2015.

Why do I need this campaign?

Dethroning songs in O2Jam requires a lot of dedication and motivation, even for a single song.
For the song (V3 II SHD - Lvl 32) I provided in my campaign to show you that I have the skills to be a dethroner for hire 

It took me at most 180 successful play counts to get 2nd place. All those attempts trying to find the optimal Jam activation and also a perfect accuracy playthrough***.

Having your support will not only help me alleviate the cost of buying the songs or access on the song library, but also gives me a ton of motivation to do what I do best as well knowing that people actually love what I'm doing.

Secondly, I'm not monetizing my videos in Youtube as well as having a sponsor. Having this campaign will motivate me to create more content on my small channel.

Average Time to beat a leaderboard

Every song is going to be different so there will be variance on how much time I need to beat the leader. This is the average time I need to beat a song:

> Lvl 27: 4 days and up

*I will be providing unlisted videos in youtube on those list of songs for you to see the note patterns and hear the music before deciding on your choice
**Weekly Tickets are required to access all the songs in O2Jam.
***S ranking - All perfect, no good nor miss
$0 of $1 per month
Will provide a poll for all my supporters for you to choose the song you want me to attempt to dethrone.
* Will start creating at 2 song dethrone attempts per month, limit gets increased as more donations come in
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