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About Meal

We are creating a bi-annual magazine that will celebrate humanness through the lens of food. We want to expand what “food journalism” can be by giving broad creative license to writers, artists, photographers and other contributors to seek out and report the stories they find compelling. We will get political. We will celebrate and critique underdogs and multihyphenate juggernauts alike. Above all, we will highlight the humanity behind these stories, because that’s why we think food is ultimately fascinating.

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The first issue of Meal Magazine will be launched in late 2019. From then on, it will be a bi-annual volume of the best food-centric writing, art, and commentary we can create and curate. We love the tactile, analog quality of a great magazine—it’s something to hold and sink into, to toss in a backpack or place on a bookshelf, to forget about and return to years later. In between each issue of the magazine, we will bring you along for the ride as we share videos, photos, livestreams, public hangouts, and more.

Throughout the year, we'll also be working with our favorite chefs, bartenders, partners and brands to produce knockout food-centric events. Think: a surprise underground cocktail party in an unlikely location. An intimate ticketed dinner with a famous chef in someone's backyard. A game of horseshoes in the park with a local BBQ master helming the smoker. Special behind-the-scenes tours of a mushroom farm, brewery, or sports stadium. We've got some wild ideas, and we're gonna create some special experiences.

Meal Magazine is being created by editors Peter Sieve, Mecca Bos, Paige Didora, Joshua Page, and art director Jake Luck. We are a group of Minneapolis-based food writers, and between us we've consumed vast quantities of calories, written hundreds of reviews, interviewed hordes of chefs and workers at every level of the industry, and hammered out thousands of words for all sorts of outlets, local and national. Some of us have cooked, or still cook, professionally. In short, we're a group of weirdos who believe that growing, cooking, sharing, and eating food is the most important common human denominator; the unbreakable thread that binds us all together. We find endless inspiration in it.

Together, we began talking about creating something special that would exist outside the churn of daily industry coverage, critical reviews, and top-ten lists. Something that could artfully capture all kinds of stories based on larger ideas that tie all of us together through food.

The idea began to manifest itself into a vision of a beautiful, art-filled bi-annual magazine, the first issue of which we are creating right now.

Creating a magazine is a bold endeavor, particularly when we are committed to paying contributors fairly and putting out a beautiful periodical that we – and you – will want to feature prominently in your homes and workplaces. And while we are seeking the support of some like-minded businesses, we really don’t want to fill the magazine with ads. Your monthly contribution will act a lot like a pre-sale, helping us pay contributors and plan the printing and distribution costs of the magazine in advance. Being a Meal patron means you're part of our growing community – we want to bring you into our circle, exchange thoughts and ideas with you in person, and give you some cool rewards in return.

Thanks so much for being here -- we're excited to create something special with your help!

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