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About MFi4Gamerz

Apple introduced a physical game controller framework way back with the launch of iOS 7, so EVERY iPhone/iPad/iPod & AppleTV (4th gen) to date supports them. These "official Apple" controllers are called "MFi" (Made For iPhone), to date there are over 15 types of MFi Controllers available, Steelseries company has 3 such controllers available, For over 4 years major game developers and indies have been implementing the official MFi physical controller support into their games as to bring them closer to a full gaming console experience.


Now here is where it doesn't make any sense to us, Apple themselves do not recognize game developers who have implemented MFi Game controllers into their games There is zero differentiation between devs who just make regular games on the Appstore, so as a gamer finding games that actually support MFi Controllers in the vast library of iTunes is very difficult indeed.

We are dedicated group of passionate gamerz that bring together games that support these Physical MFi controllers & bridge that gap that Apple continually FAIL to address, we present clean itunes links directly to MFi Supported games. Did you know as of April 2017 there are over 1100 games that work with physical Apple MFi controllers?. Access to the lists are absolutely FREE to the public, however creation of reviews/research/ dev support, we have come a long way and are now in need your support to continue and grow this service.


From the word go, we have been supporting developers (regardless of size) by helping implement controller support into their projects offering free advice and testing, this gives us inside information on upcoming MFi supported releases & have helped us establish a reliable reputation among-st devs & community, our input helps promote their games on launch day, but why would we do so FOC.?  We know how difficult it is for an indie game developer to get any recognition in the vast ocean of apps that appear wave after wave every week. it's very easy to get quickly swamped into oblivion,so any promotion & social network recognition for them helps.

Developers sometimes reward us with free redeem codes for their upcoming games, we don't use these but give them away to our patrons & subscribed forum members
We also track weekly all MFi supported games that are On Sale/Free and make them a priority on our social networks.Twitter/Facebook.(everyone likes a sale)

We also review MFi Controller Hardware and run  Amazon stores dedicated solely to MFi Controllers & AppleTV accessories.

MFi Game Controller Manufacturer MOGA have an MFi game list app available on the Appstore.
Currently it is paid app, however as they use our lists to update the mobile app MOGA have allowed us to make it FREE to our tier 1 patrons.

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  • Develop our own MFi Controller Supported Games.
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