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Major Holmes and Captain Watson is a story I've wanted to tell for most of my LIFE, and Chapter 1 is already online for free! It's a fresh approach to the detective genre, with a hefty dose of historical fiction and espionage thrills, all in one amazing story. It's got mysterious cabals, death defying action, dark secrets and rich, fully developed characters. It's a diverse and innovative way of looking at the Conan Doyle style mystery that's never been done, and we're super excited to bring it to you. As a writer, that's why I love this story! That said, each chapter of MH&CW  costs money to produce, about $1500 per issue, and as a publisher, I want to make sure my collaborators get paid! Plus, hosting free content on the web (without ads, thank goodness) doesn't come in a gift basket. All proceeds from the comic go into making more of the comic! There are a ton of twists and turns coming in this story, and Carlos, Rachel and I can't wait to bring them to you, but we need your help! Please pledge what you can, and stick around for lots of exciting content and news from Cloudwrangler Comics!
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This is the minimum I need to pay the artists, the amazing Carlos Cabaleiro and Rachel Deering, to get each 12 page chapter online!
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