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I am a disabled artist who battles the complications of ehlers danlos syndrome  trying to make a serious go at being a professional artist. I will be doing my first gallery showing soon, but bills need be paid in the meantime so every bit helps in allowing me to focus on creation. Supporters will have access to tutorials not posted elsewhere, see regular sketch book pieces and those who pick a higher tier to support there will be a random supporter picked once a month to get a free sketch or painting.

Ehlers Danlos for those unfamiliar with it is a rare genetic tissue disorder which causes me to have daily subluxations (partial dislocations) and the occasional full dislocations caused by as little as rolling over in bed. My tissues are all very fragile. My veins frequently blow with IVs, my skin can split open from a too tight blood pressure cuff, and any surgery is high risk as I’m prone to bleeding more and easily as well as be difficult to stitch. EDS also brings with it a whole host of other issues like higher risk of organ or major blood vessel rupture, insensitivity to pain medication and sedation, reduced effective from local anesthetic, and many systematic issues such as GI bleeds, syncope, tachycardia when standing too long or during adrenaline surges, temperature regulation, and so much more. 

Much of the art posted here will allow you previews of my future exhibit which focuses on the diagnosis process of being diagnosed with a rare disorder through art, both the good and the bad parts. I went through years of being dismissed before a doctor finally listened and sent me to someone in rare disorders who formally diagnosed me with hEDS (the most common form) with a note to monitor for signs of vEDS (the most life threatening kind) as I don’t have any of the known genes associated with it, but that is the case for many with vEDS. It is diagnosed then based on clinical findings. The art I create will both attempt to capture the emotions I experienced in getting diagnosed as well as educate clinicians who often dismiss those with. EDS, especially women as having anxiety, that while rare, zebras exist and I am one. So might the next patient they see be who has mostl normal lab values and scans but is experiencing severe disabling symptoms. 
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My goal is to be able to fully support myself on my art, or at least reach a point of improving my income to a realistic living wage. 
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