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Thanks for checking out my Patreon Page.

This is the official MKG Arts page on Patreon :) 
  • Who is MKG Arts?
            My name is Manish Kumar Giri (you can just simply call me MKG :D), I am from India, Mumbai -  a Computer Engineer by academic qualification but I've always been passionate about music ever since my school days. Unlike most people who listen to music just for enjoyment or on special festive occasions, for me, music spoke to my soul, gave me goosebumps, emotions, invoked feelings, it was my escape from this cruel truth called world. Music uplifted my spirits and transported my soul into some another magical world, my own little fantasy while  I struggled socially in my school life as a kid as I am a very strong introverted personality :( .... not gonna bore you with my emotional sad story here lol but music was my emotion and gave me much needed solace and a sense of emotional release. It was one of my best friend... or should I say my only best friend :') ...who never disappointed me, never left me whenever I needed it the most ... :')  I used to listen to a wide variety of music ranging from Indian classical, Bollywood, Western, Asian, Arabic and other cultures. Genres like hip hop, EDM, rock, orchestral and ethnic are some of my favorite genres. It was only after dropping out of college that I ventured fully into music production. I firmly believe in having a great ear for music listening before you can become a talented and versatile music composer. Music can be taught yes but the art of expressing it solely lies in the hands of a gifted individual. That’s why they say, music is an art. A student who has been in an elementary school may fail to create great drawings while a kid who's never been to school can stun anyone with his masterpieces. That’s the power of passion I reckon. It’s so much more powerful when your passion for music is combined with knowledge and technical know-how than to just receive a traditional music theory lesson in college. After completing my college as a science student, I began pursuing music seriously as production than just a hobby. I watched several videos on music theory and so called “beat making” tutorials on YouTube but I was never satisfied of my thirst to learn deeper than just generic 4/4 beat arrangements. Then I discovered YouTube, the powerhouse resource for learning any creative knowledge in the form of easy to follow tutorial videos. I watched nearly all of the videos relating to music production and gained immense practical knowledge of music theory. In the long list of YouTube music tutorial videos, I discovered a few great gems who dropped immense knowledge and tips on music production. I started following them specifically. Busyworksbeats and Daniel James are the few names which truly inspired me in getting into music scene myself.  Among Hollywood composers, Hans Zimmer is one of my inspirations. As for Indian musicians, there are countless number of musical geniuses beyond the scope of listing on this page! Few greats include RD Burman, AR Rehman, etc.  
That’s something about me and my journey till now…

  • Why be a patreon supporter of MKG Arts?
As you might be aware of the recent debacle of YouTube's advertisers pulling off their ads from many creator's videos, it affected the revenues adversely so YouTube had to change a lot of it's policies to bring back their lost advertisers. But in the process they made it tough for a creator to live off solely on the YouTube ad revenues alone as the no. of ads shown has dropped considerably compared to few years ago when creators used to make almost a Dollar per 1k views...but sadly that's no longer the case anymore. Many talented creators are struggling to earn a decent living off YouTube earning alone as their income has dropped to a mere few cents per 1 to even 3k views! So they have started opting for third party revenue sites, Patreon being one of the most popular choice especially among creative professionals. Moreover I didn't really liked my job as a computer engineer at a telecom company ... that same old mundane job of 8 hours and returning home at the end of the day completely exhausted having no time left to spend with my loved felt like slavery more than a job :(  so I quit that job and became fully self employed with music production being one of the prime sources of my income. Moreover, my heart always resided into the magical world of music rather than technical world of computers. 
For a creator, the support of their fans is crucial to keep them motivated in continuing to bring out consistent content for their content lovers. So here I am on Patreon :)  

May I ask you this, do you want me to explore this wonderful journey more along with you?
and what's a better way than to give you a chance to not just be a part of my journey but also sharing exclusive multi tier rewards with you along the way? 

For the list of full rewards, you can simply have a look at the right of your screen and choose whichever reward tier section you would like to go for... I would humbly appreciate your choice

Here's your chance!

It would be awesome if you can be part of my musical journey and support my YouTube channel which will further motivate me in continuing and expanding my work on my YouTube channel MKG Arts. Your kind support will also help me buy music production equipment, etc. which will speed up my music production process further and help me bring more musical content in lesser time. Yes, music is something that I love and live for. I never ask for something which I am not passionate about. More than a mere business (which is a sad fact as most so called "beat makers" enter this world of selling beats online just to make quick money and later quit), it's my pure passion and your support will be incredibly crucial in exploring this passion even further and drive this brand of MKG Arts to insane heights

The funds which you will invest here will return back to you all in the form of awesome musical content - music covers, tributes, instrumentals, Film scores and original master pieces which you can buy at great discounted prices for being my patreon supporter.

So, would you like to be part of my journey? 

Come, be part of something epic...
and I promise you, you'll be amazed at what I can bring to you... something which has never been seen on YouTube before...

  • I am too lazy to check out that long list of rewards I will get so just tell me here in brief!
Alrighty, here's a brief list of rewards for being my patreon supporter :) 

  1. exclusive discounts of upto 20% on purchases of MKG Arts covers, instrumentals, Film scores and original music (website coming soon, check goals section please for more info)
  2. Upto 4 music compositions/covers completely untagged, high quality free download every month distributed exclusively among my patreons 
  3. upto 3 Custom requests for doing specific cover/instrumental per month!
  4. Chance to hire MKG Arts for your own personal/professional music projects at no extra costs! (benefits of higher tier memberships)
  5. video insights about my thought processes and work flow that goes into creating music that you hear on my YouTube channel
  6. FREE download links of all the artworks that I create as backgrounds in my YouTube music videos. 
  7. Exclusive video sneak peeks of my music composition process before my music goes out publicly on YouTube
  8. and much more!

(learn more about these benefits in detail in the rewards section)

Still not sure whether you would like to contribute or not?
no problem! :) 
Just head over to my YouTube channel and check out my music... all the music videos I post on my Youtube are shareable freely on any social media and also usable 100% for your personal purposes provided you give me the credit for the music:

(and I am sure you would feel compelled to come back right at this page again and drop some extra love ;) )

Kind Regards,
Manish Kumar Giri
"MKG Arts"
Music is my emotion
$0 of $200 per month
MKG Arts will launch the official website where you can buy all the music in high quality wav formats unlike streaming formats of mp3. Also you can get complete wav stems of all the individual instruments used in MKG Arts music!
Great purchase discounts will be applicable on the website exclusively for all our patreons for all tiers above the basic air tier.
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