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MLStarship is Changing the old Paradigm of Corporate Dictatorial Control of Internet related business.  The Multinationals have had full control of e-commerce, Creators, 
Entrepreneurs, B2B and B2C from the Internets beginning. It's a failed model and Creators, "Visionaries" and other abundantly available Specialists, are going to change it.  We must take control of our own destiny so we can compete on a level field of play in the entire marketplace.

The MLStarship solution requires Designing our own Platform and Portal and leaving theirs.  We will from the start Limit Ownership of Large Blocks of MLStarship Stock ownership at the Top of the Company, this is a Group Project.  We will resist outside stock block Investor start-up funds. 

This Enterprise in the making, is being designed from the Top Down.  Individuals who can see this "Vision", it's potential "Early on", sign up and become early MLStarship Members will be beautifully positioned for Application and Selection, advancement into the Corporate Departmental Structure.  Director and Key Selections will be based on Qualifications, Abilities and Affiliation.  Once the Departmental Personnel are in place Directors will be fielded from them and all further Platform and Design Decisions will be theirs and become the basis for the Creation of the Enterprise. 

MLStarship is currently seeking Patrons to support this endeavor while in this incubator stage and prior to Launch of the Membership Drive.   Membership itself will include Stock Ownership which will be subject to Terms, Conditions and performance requirements.  A Stock Block of 20% of MLStarship will be allocated to recruitment of Members. Terms and Conditions will be disclosed upon appointed Directors and Legal Department Creation of definitive ByLaws to define the Business Model of MLStarship LLC.

Patrons who support the MLStarship "Vision" in this early Incubator Stage will be on the Inside with access to unpublished status and business model information as it comes available.  This knowledge is intended to prepare Patrons a head start and position to prosper very well once the Business Entities are launched and earning revenue. Patrons will also have the knowledge, a head start and opportunity to earn Additional Stock and other "potential future income" from Recruiting and Registering additional Members.  . 

MLStarship will live in the Cloud in the .app framework of Google Cloud Network and Google Business Suite Enterprise.  First though is the initial "fielding of applicants or entities for the Filling of Key startup Positions"  IT, HR and Legal Department placement.  These Departments are necessary to create and define the Corporate ByLaws to Negotiate Contracts.  IT will setup the MLStarship Domain, Cloud, Database, Website and Google Business Suites Enterprise.  Then we will begin creating our Business Entities and our Membership Drive.  

MLStarship will become an Enterprise and will use all the Tools of the typical Enterprise from the beginning.  The MLStarship will be Born in the Cloud, while all the "Old School Enterprises TRY to make the Cloud Transition with all their Bricks and Mortar baggage, salaried Employees and low tech ways not to mention their grossly Over Stocked owners and Institutional Investors...

When MLStarship enters the Marketing phase and begins to Do Business it will strive to be the leanest machine in e-commerce.  That means Value and Savings for Members as well as our B2C Customers.  We will Buy and Sell by both item and bulk, among ourselves and the Public.  As the public becomes aware of MLStarship our Membership will be epic.  We will prosper together and individually from our own efforts and genius.  We will operate on a Level playing field with the Multinationals and we will win.

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A Show of Solid Support and Interest in building the Platform of the People, by the People and for the People.  All the Tools of the Multinationals are Cheap and Available.  All we have to do is further Develop the "MLStarship Vision", gather the Talent, pick up the Tools and Get to Work.  Only the Lazy are satisfied with our Masters Plans for us.
Let's Get To Work from within Patreon, a convenient vehicle to raise the interest in the Change, generate some working capitol, disclose the Path Forward and Communicate.  Then Migrate to the MLStarship Business Domain.  It will be easier than one might think.  .
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