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is creating Digital Art, Photography
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  • this includes Digital art and illustration.(These are normally WIP illustrations, to see completed illustrations upgrade to tier 2)


  • you send me a link to your work and ill give you feedback on it


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  • Tier 1: Patreon Extras
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+ Everything from TIER 1 and TIER 2. 

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 PSD is the format used by Photoshop  and most other drawing programs.

 These files are hosted on my Google Drive, no restrictions to downloads, easy and secure. 

  • Will be more benefits soon
  • Tier 1: Patreon Extras
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About Mutant Panda


I'm Mutant Panda or Jaames

I currently go to college in the uk but in my free time i am a freelance graphics designer i like working on my personal projects, and hone my craft by experimenting, doodling and painting characters at a convenient pace.
I create Character designs, weapon designs and logo/poster designs these are the main 4/5 areas that I work on most.
Getting better at drawing character bodies is my sole goal at the moment. My ultimate passion is making tribute art of my favorite characters as well as creating my own world full of of my designs.

Whats do you get for supporting me?
Depending on your Tier Level, you will receive different rewards that are located in the rewards section :D
Occasional i release non-reward work (Usually rough sketches). Plus! Exclusive FIRST LOOK, an early look at the art exclusively for Patrons!

What sort of Content?

I love creating Original Characters from scratch! I'm also a big gamer and Anime watcher, meaning I love to create fan tribute arts in my own style. I mostly enjoy character design pieces,weapon design and logo design. From doodle sketches, to final rendering, I'll share them all with you as appreciation for the support.
I will mainly post work ive done at college which will include hand drawn thumbnails, and work in progress pieces and finished work for college.

The rewards are sent out at the start of each month.
some rewards may take longer an example of that is commissions as 2 commissions are created each month plus the work i am doing they may be released in the middle of the month.

Personal work: start of the month
Feedback: start of the month
Commissions: start to end of the month
PSD Files: same time as official artwork

0% complete
I am aiming to get a better computer to improve workflow.
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