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MPowered Christian is a biblical, gospel-centered, theologically and socially conservative, protestant, evangelical, parachurch ministry. We work alongside the global Church to assist the churches in America and abroad in their missions.

We exist to glorify God, magnify Christ, and edify, equip, and empower the Church. Our vision is an empowered American church that fully embodies Christ and uses its wealth, power, and influence to advance the Kingdom of God globally. Our mission is to make radical disciples and create revival in the world through education, renovation, and creation.

We provide many services that we charge for to help us advance our mission (Public Speaking, Action Workshops, Christian Leaders Training Centers, One-on-One Life Coaching, Counseling, Deliverance) but there are many activities we spend our time doing that we don't get paid for. But we want to continue to create this content to educate and transform the world!

We have extremely ambitious goals and want to see millions of new disciples of Christ and global revival. You can help and be a part of the movement and every dollar counts! Thank you so much and God bless!

Pastor Brian Holmes
MPowered Christian

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