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About MSWHDevTeam

Want a moe visual novel with a ton of cute girls and a love story?

Well you overshot the mark buddy.

Welcome one and all to the official Patreon page of My Summer With Her

What is it:
My Summer With Her is a visual novel that takes place in where else but a high school.
You're character is a useless soon to be NEET with no idea what he's going to do with his life until your parents decide its a good idea to ship you off to a small town on the other side of the country where you grew up so you could learn respectability and all that stuff.

Now, you weren't too keen on the idea at first but on the way there you meet this SUPER HOT babe on the train who will apparently be going to the same school as you. How's that for motivation?

When you eventually get to the school you find out that your class is filled with super hot chicks like this. Its you're own personal harem but be careful because the choices you make could change the tune of the game to a darker note...

if you wanna find out more you're gonna have to subscribe and follow our twitter
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I legit need this to pay my artist to help make a promo commercial.
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