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About MikeTheGamerGuy

Hi i'm MikeTheGamerGuy in an endless sea of YouTube game reviews one has to wonder what new can really be brought to the table. 
The style of my average gaming video or review is an attempt to do just that via two major components.
For starters my main area of expertise and research is in that of the Chinese, Russian and other notoriously pirate/bootleg driven video game markets. Not only does this angle produce many interesting, unique and obscure topics, but also gives some opportunity for insight into the popular culture of these countries providing a view of them rarely seen in the west particularly.
Secondly it allows me to reappraise an entire subset of video games that have been far too quickly dismissed by the gaming public. 
My series is one that hopes to in part challenge the conventional wisdom of gaming while also having a good time.
Just because this is my focus doesn't mean I stray away from other interesting topics in gaming.

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