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About MVP History

MVP History looks to break down key historical figures using a special HISTORIC rating system. I aim to both entertain and inform, and use these ratings as if they were characters in a classic roleplaying game, assigning scores out of ten for each of these themes.
H - Heritage. where is the person from, do they have powerful family or are they self-made figures?
I - Intelligence. this one speaks for itself, were they great because of their intellect, or did they get by without it?
S - Strength. I'm taking this one at its most basic value; how good are they in a fight?
T - Technique. Did they introduce any new methods or ideas?
O - Objectives. What were their goals? Did they achieve them?
R - Reputation. How well known are they? Usually this one is easy to guess.
I - Influence. How did they effect the world around them? Is their impact felt now?
C - Charisma. The wildcard round, expect some high scores from some strange characters here.
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