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About Mac Cooney

I teach courses on music technology, film music and sound, and other relevant core music classes at University. My teaching philosophy is to help students approach their understanding of a particular subject from a fresh angle; stepping out of their comfort zone. The film course entitled "Hearing the Movies" encourages students to consider the audio-visual contract: how sound influences image and how image influences sound. Undertaking an extensive analysis of a soundtrack (including dialogue, effects, and music) provides students an opportunity to infer deeper meaning from the film and to realize that most of what they discover was probably not accidental. It all supports the notion of "suspension of disbelief"—the moment when you forget you are watching a movie and become fully invested in the narrative. How we achieve that state is revealed through the analytical work.

With my recent introduction to Role-Playing Games (RPGs), through playing Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance, I found that sound plays a pivotal role here, too. This sparked the idea to start applying the very skills I impart to my students to my own experiences. These will invariably be largely focused on Star Wars and film music as it applies to current projects with my students and the Star Wars RPG.

This should be fun.

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