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Join the Camp Family Singers and have access to the patron-only activity feed and sneak peeks of upcoming releases! Message me with your Facebook and Twitter information after signing up!
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Four times per year I'll give out a karaoke track! Two times it will be community choice, and the other two I'll choose based off of my most popular published songs!
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About Matthew Camp

The video sums it up pretty nicely- welcome to my Patreon page! I make music (and do my best with videos) and I want to continue growing in both of those areas. I'll be publishing original work with fairly decent frequency, and music videos every other Friday- with some inspiration, and enough support, I would love to increase that amount for you!

Thank you for visiting and for joining me on this fun and exciting journey!
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There's a long way to go, but once I hit this level, I'll pick up my dream digital piano/keyboard thing, and once I learn how to use it properly, will host an hour-and-a-half concert for my patrons with a Q&A session! And throw a party that all my patrons will be invited to! We'll make it suitably epic. ;)
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