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Thank you for becoming my Patron, at this level there's not a whole lot of rewards but I guess that's not the reason why you want to help me out anyway.

Even a dollar from individuals makes a massive difference, thank you!

As to rewards you'll be better updated on behind the scenes channel related stuff than non Patrons.  I message all Patrons at least once a month, though usually more and any Patron stuff that isn't covered by higher rewards you'll also be a part of.

*Also AdBlock Absolution.

Future tier rewards receive all rewards from previous tiers as well as there own tier.

OMG First Tier
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At this tier you'll get to see *all new guide videos and the first video of all Lets Plays a tiny bit earlier than non $3 or more Patrons usually up to a day or two.

(*I'll send you links via Patreon, doesn't include games under embargo i.e. on release date)
Giveaways Tier
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Occasionaly developers have given me extra steam keys to give away this qualifies you for those future giveaways.

Once the first milestone goal is reached I plan to do extra occasional giveaways this reward level will qualify you for them if you've been a Patron at this level or higher for six months or more.




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Hi my name's Macsen.  I make gaming Lets Plays and Guide videos on YouTube mainly focusing on strategy genres especially 4X.  You can watch the first video of a recent Let's Play above.

Why Patreon?

Since you've reached my Patreon page I'm sure you've watched some of my YouTube videos and hopefully you agree they have a value.  That value to you could be e.g. as entertainment and/or as an aid to learning about a game you're interested in.

I love making videos for YouTube but it does take up a lot of my time and money (I can't record with any old potato) and although I am compensated financially via Ad-Revenue you may be surprised to know if you watched a 1000 of my videos I would only receive $1-$2 on average, assuming you don't block *adverts which sadly many do.  This is the case for most YouTubers.

Basically from Ad-Revenue alone you need multi million views per year from people who watch adds to approach minimum wage salaries...

So the truth is I can only continue to make videos on YouTube if people who perceive them to have value support the channel in a way other than just watching them and that's where Patreon comes in.

Every Pledge helps!

So if you've ever learnt from a guide video and/or enjoyed a Let's Play I've made please make a pledge it really will make a huge difference.  As much as I love making videos and responding to comments, time's running out on how long I'm able to financially do this, I can't continue as I have without more support.  (Please check out my milestone goals)

For my part the more support I get on Patreon will allow me to make more frequent and better content.  This year companies like Paradox, Amplitude, Stardock and Wargaming have provided me with their games for me to cover.  If the channel can reach a minimal level of support I think it could really go places, but it can only happen with help from people like you.

If you're unable to donate/pledge for whatever reason I hope you keep watching my videos for as long as I'm able to make them, thank you for your time - Macsen.

*You may have heard a term "AdBlock Absolution" basically many YouTubers couldn't care less if a person who supports them in another way e.g. Patreon watches adverts since they receive so little money in add revenue from any one single individual, even a person that watches a lot of videos.
$9 of $100 per month
Making YouTube videos can take a lot of time and effort and for most YouTubers it's certainly not a get rich quick scheme in fact it's often the opposite.  I'd be way better off spending the time I do on YouTube doing something else... but I'd much prefer to continue, and that's why I need your help!

At a $100 goal I might just be able to continue making YouTube videos for the foreseeable future, I might have live in a cardboard box under a bridge, eating tinned food and stealing someones Wi-Fi but it may be possible to keep the channel going in addition to the pitiful amount I also get from ad-revenue... just.

(Seriously though this goal needs to be reached as soon as possible or I'll probably have to wind down the channel I'm afraid)
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