is creating Original Character Designs, Comics, and Animation
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About Madscribbles

Hello World,
I'm a character artist and 3D animator that has worked in the video production and video games industries.
I put my career on hold after developing pain in both wrists (known as R.S.I.), and needed to decrease computer work to facilitate recovery. I coasted on odd jobs and minor freelance work temporarily. My wrists recovered, but my career did not. After a series of failed independent projects, I felt my portfolio and resume had grown ugly and full of holes. My confidence was destroyed. I couldn't bring myself to even approach getting back into the business.
I want to start doing creative work again, this time to work on things I'm passionate about.
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Right now I'm just going to start doing some original character work, but I hope to go into producing some things that people will actually want to support.
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