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  • My deep gratitude for your support! Thinking about ways to create more art on behalf of my patrons is a regular source of inspiration and gratitude for me.  You are what keeps me going!
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  • Random updates about my divinatory and creative efforts, including but not limited to my spiritual mead-brewing process, Tarot and astrology musings, events I attend and host, and the occasional random clothing creation (because making the same things all the time is boring!).
  • An invitation to join my patrons-only Discord channel where we can chat about art, astrology, Tarot, and anything else that tickles our fancy!
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You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine...
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In addition to the $1 per month rewards, one other annual reward:

  • A hand-drawn birthday card of artwork based on your solar return chart for that year (This requires that you provide me with accurate birth time/date/location information at the beginning of your patronage, at least one month prior to your birthday.)  This artwork will be included in a public post on Patreon (and subsequently on my social media) with a shout out thanking you for your support.  
Going Postal!
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In addition to the rewards from the previous levels, another monthly reward:

  • A 2-postcard pack with postcards featuring a piece of artwork selected from recent images posted by me here on Patreon - one for the patron with a personal note and one to mail.




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I am a divinatory artist. What do I mean by that? I create art in a variety of media, and that art is informed by divinatory methods such as tarot reading, casting runes, scrying, timing creations with lunar cycles and astrological alignments, and channeling, to name a few. I am a modern-day mystic in an age when it is fashionable to scorn such things, but I offer my creations without attachment to any particular dogma or need for my audience to share my faith - in the end, all I wish to do is make the world a more beautiful and meaningful place, one creation at a time. To that end, you will find here drawings, paintings, photos, digital art, and the occasional video, as well as documentation of my other creative activities, such as fiber arts, dancing, and brewing.

Since there isn’t much call for mysticism in the professional world, I’ve done lots of things over the years to earn a living, including having been a co-founder of and the Creative Director/Logistician for the TempleCon retro-futurist gaming convention and the co-owner of The Temple Games. Due to my stepmother's terminal illness, I moved across country from Rhode Island back home to the Puget Sound area in 2016 in order to tend to the administrative side of her care, necessitating handing over those enterprises to my former partner.  Since my own health has been problematic - including a bout with cancer in 2017 - and living on an island tends to limit one's career opportunities, I've used this time to slow down a bit and focus on building my own business as an astrologer, tarot reader, and divinatory artist.  

This is where Patreon comes in.  It is my hope that with your kind support, I can give free reign to the flood of art and spirit whose flow has in the past been too-frequently halted by the very real need to earn a living and the incredibly time-consuming ways I attempted to do that.  Your financial support will allow me to purchase the equipment to start making videos and live-streaming my process, as well as getting new art supplies (divinatory drawings go through a lot of paper and micron pens!), replacing my cranky scanner that likes to insert random squiggles in my work, getting materials for three-dimensional work, and replacing my thoroughly-destroyed Prismacolour set so I can do more colour work.  The pledges from 2016 got me Micron pens and paper, and the pledges from 2017 got me the camera that I now use to generate source material for my digital alterations and will be using to photograph my three-dimensional work, so Patreon has already made a big difference in what I can do creatively.  Pledges in 2018 allowed me to finally upgrade my astrological software, which is slowly helping me to become better attuned with the movements of the planets.  Pledges in 2019 got me more Prismacolours and the equipment to start making videos once I've finished setting up my home studio.  :) 

With your help, this year I can finally make regular videos and streaming a reality, giving myself the consistent time and space to make and share divinatory art with you.  With a background as a performing artist prior to my work with TempleCon, I am hoping to explore archetypal and metaphysical themes via movement as well as discussion, both alone and in collaboration with respected peers.  This year I will also continue to write here about my use of divination, witchcraft, and psychological exploration in my own life and how that informs my art, particularly with regard to my ongoing documentation and studies of dreams and astrological transits. 

All of my patrons have access to my ongoing dream/transit log, a first-look at art in a variety of media with patrons-only access to variations and behind-the-scenes creativity, and access to my patrons-only Discord channel with a weekly AMA on all things creative and metaphysical.  And for those wishing for something more tangible, I offer hand-created art rewards that can be used to meditate on themes in your own growth and transformation, along with commentary in the post that accompanies that art here.  

I deeply appreciate your continued support, especially now.  We are in the thick of interesting times, so I offer my art as a means to help all within my circles tap into our imaginations and our inner knowing, to create the best solutions for the well-being of our Earth as a whole.  
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When we reach $25 a month in patronage, I'll start creating weekly Patrons-only video clips discussing art, astrology, tarot, herb lore, music, and daily life - really, anything that happens to be on my mind at the time and seems worth posting.  :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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