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*Every dollar is wisely used to promote the message of courage, hope, and triumph to women, men, and children around the world, so they can know they are Made For More™! Thank you :) 



About Manna Ko

Manna is a storyteller, believer, author, international speaker, personal excellence trainer, dog & animal lover, laughing-snort seeker, warrior, and dreamer.
One of her rare gifts is the ability to see people’s one-of-a-kind calling – and to know exactly how to help them step into that promise... to know you are Made For More™. So, if you find her looking at you a little longer than a passing glance, she’s admiring the gold in you!
Manna has a diverse field of experience as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer, and counselor. She has a PhD in Philosophy, an MA in Psychology, numerous other certifications, and his currently enrolled in her second Doctoral program – an EdD in Leadership for Change.
She has authored numerous articles, papers, curricula, and almost two dozen books, including her life-giving autobiographical novel Made for More™ (now in over 14 countries), and her inspirational children’s book series, “Sophie And Solo’s Fun Adventures” based on her Made For More™ message.She travels around the world teaching, speaking, and training people of all ages to Know, Own, and Live Your More™, in catalytic thinking, and how to achieve their breakthroughs with her workshops and events. She also has numerous online courses and curricula, and offers private mentoring opportunities, too.
She is a fierce, tenacious, fun-loving, and compassionate modern-day wonder woman who lives a grateful life in San Diego with her family and furmily (because dogs are people, too).
Get ready to have some fun when you work with Manna; and get ready to step into your extraordinary purpose!
To learn more about Manna and her Made For More™ message, please go to

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