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About MageisHero

Honestly, I can't convince you; I am very skeptical about pledges myself.

But I have made random things my whole life, but my motivation is withering away. I hope that having support will steer me in the right direction, and help me realize my dreams to create the characters and world I made up when I was 4 years old.

I want Candon Mageis to be looked up to, I want CoLor World to be seen. (lol, it's hard to see the text... irony)

I always wanted to share any success with everyone. I know how hard it is to make things come alive, and I know how many times someone hates your idea, or doesn't give it a chance. I always wanted to give people that chance, to take them with me to the top.

It won't happen very soon, but I want to be the guy in the company, or in this bedroom, saying "Cool idea, i'll help you bring it to life". Because I never got that chance, but I hope you guys can help me.

The first step, is being a team. Have access to all my stuff early, and help steer the production, adding your image if possible. See my games and help determine if it should be finished. ^-^
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You've given me hope, despite how petty the amount of money is. I'm not here to make loads of money, i'm here to team up, and find my motivation. If I can help others find their spark too, then my job is important to me.

I'll start posting more info about my RPG Maker Games, and see how you feel about it.
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