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Hello, I'm an animator / music cover producer on YouTube. I love what I do, and my true purpose is to bring a bit of joy in everyone's days to at least provide something for our daily lives. I know life can be difficult, so here I'll try to bring a smile at least once on your face! (unless you really hate me). Anyways I'm the awkward potato trash dragon, or the all so MagesticDragon. MMD has become a regular ritual of my life, as I come home from school to render, eat, sleep, then go to school again. YouTube has not only been able to help me with depression, but to help others fight theirs too!

I joined Patreon to highlight the support that my viewers give me and to give them rewards for their support! I really want to give a spotlight for those who stick around and give me endless support~
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Help me purchase a better mic in order for the roleplays and song covers to take place as well as a good quality mic for livestreams. Every $ counts towards this goal~ Thanks for helping!
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