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About Goran Kramarić


My name is Goran and I make MagicTale Studios  funny stuff(I hope)... entertainment content!

MagicTale is a cartoon outlet of craziness, fun and positivity by a simple cartoonist. Home of ''Casually Comical'' webcomics. My world where I drop stuff from my head to reality. You can find internet comics, illustrations, apps hopefully animations that I make and release for free for  you beautiful people.

With the help of Patreon and you my beautiful people, I hope I will be able to switch to working on MagicTale FULL TIME! This is currently not my main source of income which is necessary for things  like my living chambers, food to survive and the godly nectar called tea...  Which is one of the fuels while working on more comics, illustrations, games and animations for YOU! But you can help change that! Every comic will still be free to read, I will never change that, but you will just help me make better content for you!

So if you like what you see here on MagicTale and want to see it continue, please consider becoming a patron! Any amount would be super extra specially appreciated!

Here you can see how my drawing style changed over the years :D

Thank you for reading and checking any of my content!


How often do you upload?
Right now I try to make it one comic every saturday!

How often will I be charged?
You will be charged the ammount you chose to pledge at the beginning of each month.
ALSO: Remember you can always change your pledge amount at any time!

What is ''Casually Comical''?
Casually comical is webcomic series I started this year... It is mostly radnom comedy stuff in hopes to bring some emotions to you and brighten you day. 

Why are new ''Casually Comical'' comics in different style than previous ones?
Well my art style changed... A LOT for the past few years... I was still searching for myself in art world and as my art style changed so did the comics... For the past year i did a lot of comission workand drawings and I think I finally got to where I feel comfortable.

Do you still draw flat art style?
Currently... No. Before I bought my Huion H610 I was making everything with flat art because I was doing all my work with mouse and keyboard so it was easier for me with shapes at that time!

If you have any more Patreon related questions you can check out Patreon's FAQ here!


I am still working on this page. Adding various content so you have something to look at and have some rewards for pledging, pledge animations and other cool content for you. This is a work in progress page but you are more than welcome to pledge if you want. I will do my best to accommodate a new beautiful person :) I started building content HERE for a future so you beautiful folks have something to look at if you are new :D
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I'll launch the store I've been working on once we reach this amount. It'll have unique designed t-shirts and items. And everyone donating 4$ or more will have a say what they would like to see in the store! Also will be selecting ONE random patreon and send a suprise package made by me! :) DON'T FORGET TO PUT SHIPPING ADRESS <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 49 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 49 exclusive posts