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Hey guys and gals, super thankful to you for following me all the way here. As you may know I am a magician, I'm the idealistic kind of magician who believes that the secrets of magic should be readily available to anyone who wants to learn them. Now youtube and instagram are already saturated with videos of amateur magicians teaching other magicians how to do this trick or that trick and that is not what i am trying to do . I want to show you how to create magic tricks yourself at home, for people who don't have access to a magic shop or who don't have a ton of money to buy expensive gimmicks online. I'm not going to be giving away the secrets to anyones trademark tricks, but i can teach you how to make the core gimmicks your going to need like, thumb tips, pulls, change bags, and gimmicked decks at home and at little cost. All it will cost you is a 5 dollar donation once a month to get access to everything. including the magic blog, the videos, free downloads of all my Ebooks and audio files. Thats a good deal. I'm only charging the 5 bucks and not giving it away for free because well, other magicians might be mad at me if I were to do that. 
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Exactly the same as a normal member, you get all the same things. You just pay 5 bucks more because of how nice you are. Good for you. I think thats just swell. 
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$20 a month! for me?? Thats AMAZING! you get access to everything just like everyone else except I'll send you a thank you card personally! You really don't have to do this but if you do it'll be like, "whoa.... nice." 

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