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About Maxu18

Welcome all,

This is a fan-made RPG production based on the amazing choice e-book app "Magium" by Cristian Mihailescu! The official Magium app is available on Google Play and App Store!

However, this RPG will be available for free download on PC/Mac. Potentially IOS/Android as well although as per Author's request, I will avoid Google Play and the App Store to avoid clashing with his app. In the future, I may even try to host it on a website assuming it gets enough backers. I began making this game based on my love for the story as a fan. So far I've spent about $40 out of pocket for assets such as code, art, and music. I am not looking to sell the game for money, but donations could help and would be greatly appreciated for this project. Given that I receive enough donations, I may be able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time as it could be used towards assets and motivation.

Discord for this RPG:

Discord for Magium fan community:

Thanks all,
Have a great day  ;)

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