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About Mahmoud Zaini

Hello! This is Mahmoud Zaini, an Animation Director and Artist from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I’ve been passionatley drawing and animating from an early age. I love exploring new things with my art, but to also get ever more specialized in cartooning, and in producing Animated shorts! 

I got my BFA in Animation and Visual Studies at California College of the Arts (2016) in San Francisco. Studied in a summer intensive course Visual Storytelling and storyboarding at Pixar (2016) AND took another intensive course in Character Animation at Gobelins, l'École de l'image (2018) in France. I mainly freelance, and I have worked with multiple studios as an Animation Director and storyboard artist. 

These are my credentials, but what dominates my life is my fire for everything Cartoony. I really wish to inspire everyone with my creations and to always be Fun. I hope to teach the skills I have acquired on my journey and to continue learning as well. 

I wish to teach things like:
- 2D Character Animation
- Storyboarding (layout, design, perspective, camera angles, and storytelling)
- Cartooning and illustrating 
- Photoshop, Flash, TV Paint 
- & What ever adds to the Arsenal of soon to be ANIMATORS ! 

I wish to also keep producing creative awe-inspiring content like:
- Editorial Cartoons
- Comics
- Traditionally Animated Loops 
- Funny Character Animations
- Animated Short Films 
- Character Designs and illustrations