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As a modest thank you, you'll get access to behind the scenes updates on what I'm working on. You'll also be able to leave feedback or ask questions in comment sections and we can interact directly, Creator to Patron.

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Welcome to the Dungeon Crawl!

For choosing to go above and beyond, you get access to a special Patron role my Discord server, Allowing you to stand out from the crowd and giving you access to exclusive perks like a private Patron/TwitchSub chat room, priority on invites during multiplayer sessions, and more!

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About Maiden of Ravens

Greetings everyone! Aurora here, Playing Games to Make Games

I'm a Game Designer, and I love looking at what goes on to make a great game and talking about it. That's why I'm starting up a platform where I do just that, called Dungeon Crawl. This platform takes a few different forms: At the moment my primary focus is Live-streaming on my Twitch, but I also have my Youtube Channel where I'll be posting D&D related videos as well as the occasional Game Design discussion or Game Review; I also have a website where I'll repost any video uploads from the main channel and host any articles or written reviews I make; for those of you who enjoy Let's Plays, I also have another channel on the side that I run with my friends Erik and Jon, Daybreak Commentaries.

The reason I'm on Patreon

Working on multiple channels is a hefty task and the upkeep gets expensive rather quick. While I do have an actual job, most of that money is going to paying the bills, leaving me with little funding for getting the things that will help improve both channels (ie, better editing/recording software and hardware, commissioning artists for music and art for both channels, games to play on Twitch/DBC and review, etc). With your help, I will be able to increase production value in Dungeon Crawl, and keep a steady flow on content in both channels

Thank you so much

Any and all pledges regardless of amount are appreciated (even if you don't pledge, just the fact that you even came by and stayed around long enough to read this earns you my eternal gratitude), and even those pledging at the base $1 level are amazing for just committing to show their support.
- As a thank you, I will try to keep this as an alternate means of being able to reliably stay up to date with any and all projects, as well getting some special behind the scenes updates every now and then.

But as a reward for those that wish to go above and and beyond with their support I have a public Discord server, and where patrons at the $5+ tier (as well as Twitch subscribers) can get some exclusive benefits
Rewards include:
-Being able to give recommendations for playthroughs, reviews, Dungeon Crawl episodes, etc;
-Priority for invites in multiplayer streams;
-Access to a Backer exclusive chat room w/ Voice chat;
-And potentially more!
*Rewards are subject to change due to feedback, behind the scenes changes (Like if we suddenly get more time to do more hangouts or other types of "in-person" reward), or if start getting enough money to do physical rewards. Stay Tuned for Updates!*

<h5>Thank you guys for having faith in us and allowing us to give you guys be best entertainment we can provide!</h5>
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This is our basic goal, with which we will be able to stay fed as we pump out more content for you guys.
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