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Fellow Exile
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For the nominal amount of a $1.00 USD a month, you can feed a fellow Exile across these frozen plains we call this exodus.

All Patreon supporters receive:

Access to Patreon only posts (behind the scenes info on upcoming & ongoing series, changes to the channel, etc)

And of course, Mai Ru Frost's heartfelt gratitude!

per month
When you're an exile as long as we've been, you get use to not having any solace. A place to to lay your hat, nor the comferts of a heart felt meal. With $5USD you'll held ground an exile from the boring and chilling cold; this way he'll have a chance to rebuild a solid foundation in this forsaken realm.

Twitch Tv, Mixer, and Youtube; when you converse in the chat fields, custom commands will be open to you, as a thank for supporting the cold existence that you follow.

Access to public Beta Servers on LGN

*You will receive all rewards on the 1st of each month.

per month
Surviving the Ark, Crafting in the mines, Exploring Space, as a Engineer, Unturning the zombies attacks, Bound to the Stars, Combat every monday night; "superly," The Nether, THe Aether, hit the Killing Floor.

You've Learned the basics. You're no longer Pirating Pixels alone, your armed, with a small patch of coin beside you. It's time to return for thyn exile, change your stars.    

[Achievement Unlocked]

Abilities now open:

* Access to Discord
* Access to Whitelisted Server List
* A custom emoji on Discord
* A Self Custom Command in Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube Chat's (PG Appropriate)

* You will receive all rewards on the 1st of each month.
Includes Discord benefits



About MairuFrost

Hay everyone! This is My Patreon! I make Youtube Videos, Music, and art. I'm poor people so if you want to donate, or give your money to me, that be most useful! Thanks in Advance!
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Will Create a weekly/Monthly Schedule, instead of posting willy Nilly.
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