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About Cass

I'm an youtuber who plays and records games. Mostly focused in Minecraft but I occasionally enjoy other games like Civ 5, Factorio, InfiniFactory, Human resource machine, Starbound, Don't starve, Stardew Valley etc.

Started a Patreon campaign as a quest to buy a gaming computer to allow me to render videos faster and play games that demand more processing power (I currently record on my lap top). Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider before supporting me:

1. More than ten thousand subscribers have approved my content so I must be doing something right! I have been making youtube videos for more than 5 years now and I'm not leaving anytime soon.

I have been supported by companies who host my servers as well as by software providers for recording software. I'm really comfortable talking to companies and bringing advantages to my circle, like free game keys I gave away to my followers from time to time.

I have produced more than 1 million views and 500 family-friendly quality videos posted consistently every week. My content is very versatile: Minecraft survival let's plays, redstone tutorials, command block inventions, strategy and puzzle games, etc. I'm sure you'll find something you like on my channel!
4. I have been supported in the past by my own very awesome subscribers as well as by a few famous youtubers who very kindly mentioned my Infinite Bridge Project and got a lot of people to donate resources I later invested back to produce better content: New games, better quality headset, better mouse, etc.

5. If you invest as much as $2,00/month by the end of the year I'll have delivered more than 60 videos for you and you'll have spent only $24,00 on me. Most of that money will be invested back on the channel itself which makes me really happy :-]

I plan on producing a lot more content this year and I count on you to help me with your feedback. Any questions ? Don't hesitate do message me, I'll be happy to answer you promptly!

Check out my main series and playlists on youtube :

$27 of $40 per month
I will support a white-listed fan server so we will be able to hang out and do things together, like play survival, mini-games, create redstone contraptions and such!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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