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This is where you can help fund my Production Budget directly.

This Patreon is a representation of my efforts to build a legacy I can be proud of.

As Majik the Mage, I plan on funding the future in Entertainment. In 2016, I released Music as my debut project. In 2017, I began learning more about Manufacturing and the art of eCommerce and Trading. In 2018, I began working with partners on a "Wrestling Pay-Per-View Prediction" Game currently in development, and early 2019 I began my venture with the "Low End Gigolos" Podcast.

I look forward to expanding my portfolio in Business and Entertainment. In order to continue my investment strategy, I will need financial support. My goal is to convert the "Majik the Mage" brand into a Production Company that will fund various creative projects and hire various independent contractors. I wish to bring all my skill sets into this mission and one day be able to create a powerful business network.

Please invest in my mission for as little as $1 a month, various Reward Tiers are available at your discretion.

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