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Anarkia🌱Eden Ⓐ☥♡

A Design Template for a New Earth!

To all who understand the Great Necessity to Evolve to a New Paradigm, #AnarkEden is a decentralized art project and science experiment open for all to participate in!

The word is a fusion of Anarkia Eden.

Anarkia – Is a timeless perspective that honours the Truth that all human beings have Equal Rights. The foundation of this concept is True Freedom, Love, Self-Ownership and Voluntaryism.

Eden – Represents a beautiful Permaculture Paradise providing for all Humanity’s Needs in Absolute Abundance. Eden is an intelligent, multi-dimensional system that harmonizes Humanity with Nature in a way that endlessly enriches Life.

The word AnarkEden is for the first time in history being introduced in humanity’s nomenclature.

It is a majik vibration that carries with it a great depth of information. The word AnarkEden is an incantation. I have designed it with the purpose of conjuring. We can help the New Earth manifest by speaking, writing and visualizing this Idea and all it represents.

AnarkEden is an exciting campaign comprising a multi-dimensional synthesis of Natural Law Sciences. (10 Step Strategy) This comprehensive design and strategy provides each of us with the power to transcend all limitations and inspire a ground-breaking, Conscious Human Uprising that will significantly improve our quality of life!

Once understood, embraced and integrated, we will undoubtedly catalyse a much higher quality of life for everyone – a True Paradise made manifest in one generation!

This is about harnessing the infinite, creative potential of Consciousness and facilitating this most crucial shift to catalyse a monumental leap in human evolution.

It is incumbent upon each of us to embrace Personal Responsibility and become proactive participants in this Spiritual Breakthrough to ensure humanity survives and thrives through this - and we do this by creating A New Paradigm.

We must now rise above the cult of the Old Paradigm, and instead of waiting for the collapse to happen (resulting in chaos and suffering), we will Initiate the Collapse on our own terms - and we will rise above the system, leave behind the cults that keep us tied to illusion, and step fully into our True Potential.

Your support goes towards:

In my previous movie (featured above) I brought forward evidence that highlights the truly sick condition humanity finds itself in. This evidence is now widely understood, and provides the Justification for the Necessity of a Conscious Human Uprising.

Now I want to make a short film (July 2019) about the AnarkEden Spiritual Context as well as the validity of Astrology and my Astrological Prognosis for 2019-2024

Then in the Spring and Summer (Jan 2020) when the forest has turned 4 yrs old I'd like to make a short film about the AnarkEden Satya Yuga Food Forest and its Evolution, as well as education about Permaculture and the Solution Strategy AnarkEden

I think that will cover everything. Hope I can find the energy while juggling everything else! If you want to help contribute to AnarkEden please send some support I've given everything I have and everything I am to see this manifest because I truly believe in this! https://paypal.me/majinben

Satya Yuga Food Forest is my Permaculture Project. My food forest has a unique Australian vibe, accommodating many natives and rare bush tucker varieties, as well as many fruit trees that fit within a Mediterranean Climate

This food forest will function as a resource bank and sanctuary for a diversity of plants and animals, and will help to educate, empower, inspire, and heal many human beings as well as Mother Earth!

From this site we can help establish and potentiate even more food forests, providing fresh oxygen, clean food and propagation material!

I am 3.5 years into this project now.

Please Help me fund this endeavor so that we can take this Idea to the next level!

I wish to establish a Permaculture Food Forest Ecology to Free Humanity!
A localized abundance of pristine water: free-flowing and pure.
Fresh, unpolluted air to fill your lungs.
Nutrient-rich soil supporting a wealth of the highest quality foods
All materials and resources within reach. 
Wildlife abundant and thriving in perfect synergy.
Free energy manifest worldwide. 
Humanity's Ascension to A Golden Age!

We have the capability to create a situation of Absolute Abundance worldwide!
This is about Upgrading society to embrace our most Exalted Potential!

Open for all to participate in, AnarkEden is an elaborate art project and science experiment designed to shift the entire trajectory of human consciousness!

The Establishment of a True Golden Age

Welcome. Anark-Eden is a decentralized, wild system harmonized with Natural Law.
Together, let’s share this vision for a symbiotic, ecologically-stimulating, spiritually-liberating life that is achievable right now!

Please join us in this decentralized movement for a freer, healthier, happier, wealthier life!

By Rising Above The Old Paradigm and channeling our energy towards AnarkEden’s Conscious Human Uprising, we WILL harness the exciting opportunity being provided to us and create a thriving state of AnarkEden!

Anarkeden stands for Anarchy in the Garden of Eden:

We hope with your support we can demonstrate a template that can be emulated worldwide, for the exponential evolution of humanity...

Patreon pledges are on-going, which may not be ideal for everyone.
If you wish to make a one-time contribution to this cause then please visit the link below:


If you wish to stay updated on our progress please visit the links below:
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