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You can see all my YouTube Videos ;) Also You can post your suggestion on what music I should do next

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You can watch all my YouTube Videos. Also you can downlod the sheets I've used and tell me which song I should play next :) You can see some Videos which I won't upload on YouTube. Your Name will be displayed in my upcoming videos, as long you donate some money :)

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I'm gonna make a video with your thoughts in it and you will be featured at the end of the video. You can download my sheets for free. Also you'll get a mp3 version of my music :)




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About MakeMusic

My Name is Pianofreak1993 and I'm a Pianist on YouTube. I do creative videos and full covers of music. Also I upload some Big Band and Orchestra music on my channel :)

"What are you going to be doing with my money ?"
Any money I make off Patreon will be directly invested into equipment for my YouTube channel (sheets, microphone,camcorder...). Every dollar you donate to me will be an additional improvement to the channel.

"What is Patreon ?"
Think of Patreon as a kickstarter for an individual. You pledge a certain amount to fund them as creator, so they can improve their art form with a little help of your donations.

"So how does it work ?"
I have my Patreon page setup that I get paid on a monthly basis. So if you donate 1$, you will be donating 1$ every mounth until you cancel. You can donate as much as you want, and you will be rewarded depending on how much you pledge.

"I don't have any money available to donate !"
This is completly ok. I understand that money can be tight and besides. I'm not making a living off the money I made with Patreon. This is only a way to improve the quality on my channel.
Just by whatching my videos, you are supporting me more than you can imagine.

"I just donated !"
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart ! ;)
I will put every money you give me into the channel, and make sure the content is always improving.

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. Be sure to check out the rewards and see what interests you most ! 

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