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About MakioKuta

Hello! This is Heather, though most of you probably know me as MakioKuta. I'm the artist and writer for the small time indie game dev team, Dragonfly Studios. We've recently put out a game called April was a Fool, and we're shocked and pleased by the success. We're hoping to expand the game further, but a lot of the things we're looking to do are both time consuming and costly.

Both of us work fulltime jobs and the money we earn goes towards rent, food, and other necessities. Being able to have extra funds to put towards the game or towards life will open us up towards making it the best it can be, without falling off a cliff into a den of stress or financial struggle.

Any money raised through this patreon will go towards the benefit of Dragonfly Studios games. Currently that means April was a Fool, but down the road it will hopefully allow us to create even more games of a higher caliber than those we've put out in the past.

By supporting this patreon, you'll be able to see sneak peeks of the projects we're working on. Also, because I am an artist, I'll be able to offer my skills to patrons for different exciting things such as free commissions, wallpapers and more!

Thank you for reading!
$31 of $46 per month
This is what is left of the cost for the new music for April was a Fool! Past months have gone towards funding this, once we reach $263.85, the rest will be covered as well! Thank you everyone!
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