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About Maki

What is this all about?
As a biologist, my family and friends often ask me questions about all kind of things, like "How does this medicine work?" or even "Can this medicine work at all?", "What do you think about climate change?" and "Is it efficient to take those nutrient supplements?".
Further, they ask me, how an everyman should get those information or should read articles and books that critical as I do (or other scientists would - or should - do), without having the respective background?
In fact, I usually cannot give a really satisfying answer, because scientific information are often not sufficiently available or visible to the public and most authors of public sources only fight for their point of view, neglecting all arguments of the counterpart. Often, even articles of well-known magazines are biased and many articles don't give a scientific-based and well-grounded, neutral overview on topics.

That is, where Maki-science comes into play. In the different categories I will provide you exciting facts and interesting life hacks, which I want to share with you with a scientific background. Of course, I have my own opinion, and I will not keep myself from sharing it with you. However, I will try to give you a brief and as much objective overview as possible over different topics that seem interesting to me or that perambulate within my surrounding. Thereby, I will try to keep things easy to understand and not too detailed, to prevent you to become bored. I will provide topics like how to create an ecologically valuable garden, recent scientific topics like (micro-)plastic pollution, and (fun) facts that seem interesting to me or that I would like to share and on which I would like to spread consciousness about.

However, the website is freely accessible and I would like to give everyone the opportunity to get those information with all pros and cons.
Nevertheless, I would appreciate any support that you are willing to provide and I would also love to read comments about the topics and discuss them, here on Patreon and in Discord (live*).

What you get, and how often:
As a biologist (currently writing my doctor thesis), I don't have enough time on a regular basis for research on new topics and writing articles about them. Nevertheless, I would like to publish one new article every month to every three month (sorry, for this irregularity).
Thus, you will be charged only if I publish a new article here! I also update old articles from time to time, if I get new information (at least, new to me). If these are minor updates, I won't publish them as charged content. Examples for articles and updates can be found on my website (in English and German).

As a patreon you do not only support Maki-science! I have other projects that I am working on (if time allows) like an interactive tree of life (still under strong development) with a machine-readable database of traits and characteristics of organisms.

Who am I:
As already said, I am a scientist and I love nature in all facets. I would love to reach as many people as possible to raise consciousness for the vulnerability of nature and how everybody can do little things to improve our lifestyle without harming our planet. I also like taking pictures of nature. If you are more interested in me or nature photos I took, visit my personal website.

* a pledge of 3$ or more grants you access to my Discord server. I will try to be there to read and answer your messages as often as possible.
** if you like to get your name stated at 'Recent Sponsors & Partner' or even below each article, pledge 5$+ and write me the name, you like to be shown, in Discord. You can also provide a pseudonym.
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All current patreons can receive a special, unique Thank-You!-card with one of my nature photographs with special thanks for your support!
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