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  • Patrons only sketches
  • Sketches for my graphic novel, stuff i wouldn't post on my dedicated finished art sites.
  • 2-4 sketches a month for only $1
4 pages of my graphic novel, Crimex Origin's: Man or Machine
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  • Every week i will post a completed full color and ink page of my graphic novel, Crimex Origin's: Man or Machine (title pending), and at the end of the month you will have four pages of story to read! This origins story is quite long, and is still in the process of writing and editing by me, I've written and dedicated 200 pages to writing script and scene ideas. 
  • Crimex Origins is just a beginning, I have six origins in the form of graphic novels (two of which are written) that will one day all combine and meet together in one series i hope to one day find a publisher for. But for patreon, i hope to publish all the origin stories for each unique character to learn about first before the big mash-up.




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About MalbonDesigns

Hi, I'm a young artist based in the US. I've been drawing my ENTIRE life, drawing a variety of styles over the years. My passion is realism and realistic comic art.
My current major art project is my very own one-person show graphic novel series, called Crimex Origin's: Man or Machine (title pending, may change). For my patrons I want to slowly publish pages every week and month of my ENTIRE graphic novel. At the very end, when the novel is finished, I will gather every single page (This is not your regular 22 page comic book issue) in a .pdf for all my patrons. With this character and others, my dream is to one day publish this into a physical graphic novel for all to enjoy!
Click here for a brief summary for my graphic novel: Crimex Origin's

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