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About Malic_VR

Hi, I am Malic.

I stream Elite: Dangerous on Twitch at

My stream is a bit different then most as I play Elite exclusively in VR using an Oculus Rift.  From time to time I will even do creative streams where I take my car apart for some random reason(s).

We explore the mysteries of the game, and sometimes will learn things as I bumble along to explain how things work in the games I play or other technical discussions.

If you choose to support the stream helps me pay rent, get to conventions around the planet to meet with people, and be able to invest in (or even make on a creative stream) better equipment to give you, the viewer, a better viewing experience.

Thank you in advance, and will see you out there.  o7
$21 of $200 per month
This first goal is to be able to pay my share of the rent each month.
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