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About MaliceLoved

Guess I should get a few things out the way. This is an UNDERTALE AU! If you don't like undertale or have never played it, best you leave now. You'll be forgiven if along the line you call this a Glitchtale knock off. I think the same thing sometimes but I try my best to deviate from it and haven't watched past episode 3 season 2. Underloved and Malicetale are basically the same except one follows a character that has been horrible abused and the other, well... malice.

The story will fall in 4 Chapters.
Chapter 1 Frisk and Chara (who is yes dead) has spent 1,000,000 years reseting which overloads the system and causes it to crash. Gaster comes in to help by telling them to download this "update" to fix it. With the new content the find additional items to solve what happened to the fallen children including Chara in order to get a true end.

Chapter 2
A child of incredible power comes back from the dead in order to revive someone important. She is the first and wants to become the last. (Revising)

Chapter 3
This child's story is not one for the faint of heart... I suppose. (Nearly finished)

Chapter 4
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Unfortunately I haven't written any of these story's down on paper so that still needs to be done. 

chapter 1 music will just be undertale music. Unfortunately no more no less maybe.
Chapter 2 music will be all original and is almost complete.
Chapter 3 music has been started recently
Chapter4 music 💣♋●♓♍♏ ♓⬧ ■□⧫ ❒♏♋♎⮹ ⧫□ ⬧♒♋❒♏📬 🏱♋■♎□❒♋ ♓⬧ ■□⧫ ❒♏♋♎⮹ ⧫□ ⬧♒♋❒♏📬 is incom0lete...

About me:

About me? Hmm... Really I just like drawing, making music, and I'm going to learn to animate here soon. But of course if you want to help by giving me ideas, sending me your music you think would fit (credited), any art or animation help I will not refuse. Not really much to know. I um... like undertale. Deltarune was fun... Just contact me if you want to know ME me since this is pretty vague... my email is [email protected] and I check it every Friday and Monday. If you want more ways to contact me email me first.
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This will allow me to get better software for about everything! More music, drawings, previews, maybe even animations!
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