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No prise, I just wanna support Malkimo with this one single dollar that'll get him a inch closer to success.
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Yo, my peps on planet earth. It's your soon to be green buddy here to let you that I made a patreon. I make comics that'll possibly blow your hairs off, novels for the people who don't have interest in comics, and soon animation. If you support me you'll make me very happy and in return, I will give you a gift. You're probably wondering what your gift will be if you support me on my patron, well... * gets close to your ear*you'll get sneak peeks of future content on my comics or animations. I'll maybe give you some art that I've worked hours on and took my blood, sweat, and tears to make. Anyway, I hope you consider becoming a patreon and joining me on this amazing journey, love ya. ;P
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When I'm able to possess $100, I will have the proper equipment to produce animations for you incredible people on my youtube channel. I'll make some animations that'll include you guys and gals. It's gonna be grand.
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