is creating Twitch streams in hopes you Smile. Boobalicious Boobage Hugs!!!




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About Manah

Hello, I'm your hostess Manah, also known as the mumbly Manahbee. Now a little about myself: I've been streaming around 6+ years, and have been working hard in hopes that one day I'll be able to succeed at my dream of being a big streamer; along with making you giggle or smile. I'm mostly an FPS gamer, but I also do some Let's Plays and other random games. I have a YouTube channel where I post once a month. I'm 6" tall and a bit of a Tomboy. I guess you could call me an, clears throat, 𝗔𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗧𝗼𝗺𝗯𝗼𝘆! I hope you enjoy what I do. 𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗯𝗮𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗯𝗮𝗴𝗲 𝗛𝘂𝗴𝘀!!!!!

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