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Thank you for being my patron!  You will have access now  to the patron feed and my project updates! That's so cool! 

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 - Selfies and Updates for my upcoming cosplay plans,

 - Access to "Prompt" dropbox where you can tell me a scenario and I will make a short story for you!


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Thank you for being my patron!  You will have access now  to the patron feed and my project updates! That's so cool!

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- Access to "Prompt" drobox wherein you can share you ideas and I make a story out of it!  



About Cosplay Manahreiz

Hi and welcome! I'm really glad that you've found my Patreon page and is interested on the things that I love to do!

But first of all, who am I? 

An adventurous student that wants to explore and to do things all at once? That's me! My name is Manahreiz but you could call me Mana  for short! Nice to meet you all!

What are you doing here, Mana? 

Cosplaying, writing short stories and making simple art are forms of my hobby or even my escape from problems~! 

I have been cosplaying for 5 years already and I've made it a part of my life already! 
However, as I start pushing forward to advanced paths in life, My savings and my funds are starting to get eaten by real life expenses.. As much as I want to fulfill my adventurous side, I always have to take note if I could use my funds for a real life expense and with that, I tend to forget what I really wanted doing the most. I would be more than glad if you could help me support the things that I love to do.

There are a lot of good contents here in my Patreon page! You will be able to see contents inside my page, whether it's cosplay-related, writings or even my art!  I also take suggestions! If you want me to cosplay a specific character, you could tell me which character and I will try to provide you what you need. If you want me to draw or to write prompts and drabbles, I would be very much delighted! 

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This goal is for the improvement of my costumes and my workplace!

- I'll be able to buy supplies for my workplace because I make my own costumes sometimes when I have the free time!
- This will also make me get new set of school supplies! <3
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