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About Aikatsuyuri

Dear KA Community.
Our Website KA is dying and we are broke.That's why we ad to stop our KA Video Streaming Server. We need Funds to keep it running and as you know DMCA complaints made us remove videos. RemoveYourMedia is taking down almost all our videos with DMCA reports. We don't have any way to prevent this so... if you could not load the videos on KA its not our fault. We are on our way of serving the safe heaven of anime Lovers destination.
Help us to keep the website running in a new spin of version with all features and more security of KA. 

1) Bringing Back The KA Video Streaming Server
1) More Tight Security and create a site that is comparable to MangaTraders and resume distribution that way.
2) we need fund to run the site with dedicated server and with dedicated  viewer servers given about 800$~ for that a month and we need the plan fund to run them so that users can again freely watch Anime on their will.

We request you to support us to keep it running. All the donors will be credited on the site.
Thank you all for the support! We will do our best to make the site better

$0 of $800 per month
You can check our current progress at
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