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This page is all you need if you want to discover more than one areas of interest and you want to get some new impression about different touchpoints.

I am passionate about many different things and i am constantly re-searching for new and inspiring ideas, concept and content to post on my page.

I started studying for over 10 years principles of Traditional East Relaxation Techniques, including Thai_Chi, Qi_ Qong and Healing Sounds. I was able to get a better understanding of myself and for others with just little practice on several times each week.
When i was 21 years old i discover myself in a huge personal crisis, that was the first time

I caught an advice from my fist Therapist to try some relaxation techniques. Even i was experiencing one of the toughest moment of my life and of course, i was devastated by my family health issues, i decided to try to get a me at least a chance to overcome unpleasant feelings and dark thoughts. 

Now, after 11 years i could say it was one the best choices I've ever had at that moment of my life. 

I combine different techniques to integrate MIND, BODY - EMOTIONS AND SPIRIT which is in called YOGA in Sanscrit, the UNION between these three aspects recall and activate your full potential.

We will work on Conscious MIND with specific NLP Techniques and with the Work of Byron Katie to find out what is really going on and whatever is something you need or you either don't need.

This is creating a great sense of relief and it takes no longer than half a day to understand and being able to use this powerful technique in your daily life.
I am Certified Master of NLP by the School of Richard Bandler and Unconventional Coaching School, which is an established organization, worldwide recognized and well known as one of the best in providing excellent training.

I spent many hours of traditional Psychoanalysis to find out what it's not working and I haven't spent the same amount of time on looking at what is already working.

It's very practical: you'll do the work and you will see and feel the results immediately.

In my opinion, it's the best way to getter better understanding and unlock the potential for the mind and reducing stress.

Stress is not something we get from that difficult situation, is something we create in our mind, and as we are able to create it, we can also find the way to heal.

there is always a positive resource in ourselves able to heal what we may think is a stressful situation.

Forgiveness is a specific tool that makes you realize how we misunderstood the word Forgiveness (Give-for) and how we can be grateful and peaceful for every circumstance e are dealing with and doesn't matter how difficult it is, even if it looks like against us, it's still in a deep meaning, something that are helping us : the way it's working it's not understandable at the very beginning but it becomes clear as more as we work with it, and not against it.

If you want to beat your enemies, you'll have to work with your enemies.

My purpose is to help as many people i can, to strive for personal and internal succes, to be happier and feel love, surrounded by good energies.
My story is all about self-discovery.

Every day is a new challenge, so why don't we take those challenges as a gift?
As a Life Coach, i experience many cases where people just need listening to get better from their lives.

Every week you are going to discover something new and absolutely brilliant.
I love to share my knowledge and getting in touch with others who are striving for excellence.

All of this informations on my page are coming from personal thinking or from quoted sources that gives the imput.

I am literally giving 100% to my Patreon followers, to get the best result possible.
I ask to my followers to don't copy and paste the content of the page : you'll get the better results if you make your own choice!
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When I reach 50 patrons, I’ll share with you a very difficult moment I overcome over the past years.
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