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You get everything I create and post, as well as the satisfaction that you are helping to make it possible. I'll also answer questions and take suggestions of course! All ads have been removed. Your support allow me to make all videos commercial free! Thank you :)
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I will be sending you a link to download my inspiring documentary on West Coast Pop Art, "The Lowdown On Lowbrow",  about the emergence of the D.I.Y., pop culture inspired art movement often referred to as "Lowbrow" or "Pop Surrealism". Inspired by media culture it draws on hotrods, tikis, movies, surfing and skateboarding, bikers, hollywood, comics and a myriad of other influences. "The Lowdown On Lowbrow"  features art and interviews by Robert Williams, Von_Dutch, Shag, Isabel Samaras, The Pizz, Ausgang, i Braineater and many many more. 48mins.




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        I am fascinated by New Art Forms as well as the merging of art and technology. Breaking free of traditional galleries and the art establishment, I intend on creating new short films and videos monthly,  featuring artist, creators and organizations  pushing the boundaries of what we consider "Art".  From Virtual Reality to Street Art, Projected art, Mechanical art, and Interactive Digital art to Art Cars, if its unique, positive and creative we're interested in covering it for you. Have a look at my Channel "Art on the Edge" and there are a variety of short videos already! This season I'll be posting amazing clips featuring the amazing collaboration of LongWalkShortDock and Rim Visuals performing in Vancouver June 2016. Ill be at Otherworld, a Vancouver Island regional Burning Man Event, Burn in the Forest, the BC mainland regional Burning Man event, as well as attending Shamballa with a focus on the technology being used there. I also intend on producing clips on a few outstanding multimedia artists on the west coast over the summer months.

         My project "Art on the Edge" will highlight individual artists and unique projects and allow them to use the media presented to promote their work worldwide. Shooting and editing videos takes a lot of time and your sponsorship enables me to put in the long hours to get the videos looking smooth, professional and polished. Media arts require a lot of technology, maintenance and upkeep, as well as a tremendous amount of planning, time and energy, but there is nothing in life I would rather do, and in fact I do it for free presently. Your support will mean that I am able to do it full-time. I take a lot of pride in the quality of my work and pleasure from knowing others enjoy it. Thank you so much for considering me for your patronage.
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I'm just getting started on Patreon, I don't like having ads on my media, so I took them off. My objective is to be able to keep creating high quality HD media content that serves the artists as well as the audience. Free top quality non commercial content for you, and free promotion for the artist! Shooting and editing takes time, travel, equipment and effort. Your support will enable it all and allow me to spend my time creating for you, the general public and the artists.
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