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About Mardi Shakti

Thanks for joining me here, and for helping me co-create a better world! 
I'm an Astrologer, Tantric Priestess, Esoteric Teacher, and Online-Course creator.
I help people next-level (Ascend from where they are, to where they want to be, basically!).

FREE immediate download here, for women.
Enlightened Relationships course coming soon, for men. Sign up here, to be notified!
Women can take it, too - but I often find, when they do it, they are (mostly), already enlightened. 

Everything I am working towards includes everything listed at the this link, and about half is unlisted, secret, and brewing, deep, in the cauldron of my being.
More will be revealed when I raise 10K through my courses, or here. 

I won't bore you with excessive words; let's just journey forth, together! 
Enjoy all the free things, here.  

*I don't use fb/ig anymore because they're infected. 

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Raising founding cash for my next project; which will only be revealed when funded. 

Hint: Goddess!
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