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About Maria Z

   Hi everyone, welcome to my Patreon Page!    

For those of you who have been following me through the years, you know that I'm very passionate and completely dedicated to my music and always working so hard to release the best videos for you.
I have grown so much and continue to learn every day by being an independent artist with no label or backing. I love the ground work it takes to be creative and put songs and videos together on my own because it comes from my heart and my soul.

Why Patreon
I have a bigger vision for my music. I want to create art that will inspire, make memories, bring joy and reach as many hearts as possible! By becoming my Patron, you can have a direct impact on that journey.  With your support, I will be able to invest in better resources (recording equipment, video supplies, marketing, etc) and collaborate with musicians, producers and videographers (just to name a few) who will be an incredible contribution to my SUPER AWESOME videos to come!
The idea is to make each video and song we release equally amazing, but MORE amazing than the last. You deserve the best quality I can give from the deepest parts of my heart.
If you're reading this, you've already been a huge part of my story. I am forever, forever grateful to you for spending your time with me, growing with me and rocking out with me every time I upload a new song or video. THANK YOU!!

If you want to contribute a step further Patreon is the coolest way to do that! Please check out the rewards I have available for the different levels of support. If you there's a particular reward you think I should offer please message me about it. This is OUR project. We're working on this together!
I'm excited to share this with you!! I know so many of you personally and if you're new I can't wait to meet! I love you with everything!

    Thank you for connecting with me and most importantly-     Thank you so so much for believing in me!!    

♡ MZ

youtube channel:
facebook page:
instagram/ twitter: @MariaZouroudis

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?
No, pay in any currency. As this is a US based website, everything is written in dollars, but you can use any currency and it will be automatically converted.
How many music videos will you release a month?
Around two videos every month. Maybe more, maybe less. Don't worry though, as you can set a monthly maximum when you sign up so that you never donate more than you can afford.
Can I stop donating in the future?
Yes of course! If you want to stop donating or you need to donate less that's absolutely fine. You can just log in to change the amount or cancel your account whenever you want.


Be Part of Team MZ:

$1/video - Exclusive access to my Patreon feed. This is a place where you can personally reach out to me about anything, get exclusive photos and behind the scene updates.

MP3 Downloads: 
$3/video - I will send you a surprise digital download (MP3) of a very special song the day before every video release! It's like you're living one day in the future! It could be anything from an unreleased song, to an acoustic performance, to an iPhone recording of a song idea. Plus the rewards below $3!

Behind The Scenes:
$5/video - I'll be sharing a private behind the scenes photo, video or voice memo straight from my phone that I haven't shared anywhere else. Like being part of my secret diary :)

Online Hangouts & Concerts:
$10/video - I will have a monthly online Google+ hangout where we can group chat about whatever. Also, I'll be sending FREE tickets to all of my online music shows on my StageIt channel (I usually have one per month). I sing LIVE different songs each month. This is a way to stay in touch with you all and perform my heart out- as in person as it will get until we go on tour ;) Plus everything from the lower rewards!

Video Credits:
$25/video - I will add your name into the information for each video you support. You'll forever be part of my virtual world. Plus everything from the lower rewards!

Personal Gifts & Surprises:
$50/video - I will send you a personalized/signed poster, follow you on twitter aaand personally give you a call to thank you for your amazing support! This includes everything in the lower rewards :)

My Creative Sidekick:
$100/video - I will include you in my creative process while editing my videos/ writing my songs & have you help in the projects. I will also call you for a personal 1 on 1 Skype/Google Chat! Plus, all the rewards below.

Musical VIP:
$250/video - I will give you executive producer credits on each video you support. I will also send you a FREE, limited edition physical copy of my upcoming EP that will include a personalized album insert with a message just for you!!

31% complete
When we hit $350 I will release an exclusive song that won't be available on iTunes or youtube. Just for you guys!
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