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Every cent counts! You will receive the patron rank on my discord, giving you access to polls and other things of the like related to my patreon driven streams which happen one day each month.

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Smarter sub! You get access to the patron rank on my discord and a sub to my twitch!

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Holy Cow you are amazing. I do not know what else to say, but Thank You! You will get access to the patron rank on my Discord, and you and all other Tier 3 patrons will be able to chose games for me to purchase and play on my streams.

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About Marine0f1

I am just a extroverted gamer that love spending time with people and playing games! I love live streaming, because it brings a more human quality to gaming and allows me to spend time with my viewers. I hope that you all enjoy watching my streams as much as I enjoy playing the game and talking with you all!
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Once I reach $60 per month, I will start doing patreon twitch streams where I play games that are voted on by you all, which can be of any game that is acceptable for twitch. 
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