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Hello Everyone!
Whether you are an old friend or a new one, welcome to my story of magic and art. In 1992, I moved to Las Vegas from Chicago to become a professional magician. Today, twenty five (!) years later, I perform internationally as a magician, hypnotist, playwright, performance artist, and motivational speaker. I write as well—autobiographical stories and essays that use the theme of magic as a way to introduce polarizing conversations about race, gender, and colonization to a wider audience. My presence in the art, literary, and theater worlds is essential, as I am often the FIRST Filipino-American artist that audiences will ever see in a given genre.

I work in a variety of media, including performance art, documentary filmmaking, podcasts, and more. I have been supported by significant organizations throughout the years, including The Japanese American National Museum and The New York Public Theater.

Since becoming a magician, I've also lived in San Francisco and Mt. View, California; Atami, Japan; and New York City. Currently I’m living in Seattle with my 6-year old little boy, but I create time to travel internationally to make my artistic visions come true.

Because many of you know, me, you know that I always have a passion project in progress. Here are the ones coming up:

Due NOW: Finish editing my memoir for a new literary agency who has been waiting for this edit for MONTHS

Monthly: Mentalism and Hypnotism show in Seattle (self-produced)

February 22nd: Live performance of podcast Risk! Brooklyn, NY

April 18th: Lecture on Mentalism at the Magic Circle, London 

April 27th: Keynote speech in Washington State

October 2017: Tedx talk, location TBA (work in progress)

Ongoing documentary filmmaking of my life in magic and the people that surround me in that world (the filmmakers are paid stipends, or dinner
--Writing a new book on mentalism that will be released in London on April 18th
--Submitting my play, “Misdirection” to theater festivals and searching for a New York theater company to produce it.

-- Crucial RIGHT NOW project: borrow vintage footage that is in the keeping of a magician in Las Vegas, and convert that into digital format before his irreplaceable collection is lost.

I fund my passion projects with my income as a professional hypnotist and mentalist performing at corporate, college, and private events. Opportunities in all these fields are approaching quickly—but as a single mother, I sometimes find it hard to take advantage of them.

In order to create my vision, and take advantage of these upcoming deadlines, I need to purchase roundtrip airfare to New York, and London. The other big expense is that in my work, I absolutely must collaborate with other people. Many of my friends volunteer their help, but I often pay them a stipend, or take them out to dinner, etc, and time that it takes to create the writings and rehearsals that I need,

It’s time to find some patrons who respect my work and my journey, and who support the risks I am taking to express my message. 

With fan funding from Patreon, I’ll be able to keep questioning the status quo. I will be able to be a part of the global conversation artists are having today. I’ll be able to develop my marketing and sell my products, carve out time to take advantage of these upcoming incredible speaking opportunities, and fly to New York and London to create significant artistic and professional development.

If you like what I’m doing, would you be willing to be my patron on Even if it’s just $5 a month. If most of my fans donated $1-$10 a month, that would be a great start, and I can use that to further develop fan base for the future. If you love what you see, tell your friends to support as well! Thanks for considering this!



P.S.: If you would like to help out with my projects that need funding VERY QUICKLY e.g. my spoken word, lectures in NYC February and London in April, please visit my GoFundMe page:
0% complete
When I reach this goal I'll be able to:
---network in New York City in February with theater companies interested in producing my play
--- pay a videographer a small stipend to record ALL of my performances in any city, in any part of the world, for use in my magic documentary.
---buy audio and lighting equipment for higher quality documentary footage
--time to apply for film grants from organizations in order to fund a Sundance-worthy documentary, time to find a director and director of photography for project
--Fly to Las Vegas, plus airbnb, car rental, gas, per diem, all digital equipment, to archive old Las Vegas advertisements, marketing, video footage of myself that is stored in an magicians home. Time-sensitive because he is currently not in good health.
--Finish editing my magic memoir and submit it to my new literary agent who has been waiting for this thing for MONTHS
--Begin writing second magic memoir

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