Marq Lewis

is creating News, social commentary, social justice activism
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About Marq Lewis

Marq Lewis's story is a tale of duality that started at a very early age. He lives in the worlds of art and social activism. He has learned how to combine the two effectively. Raised by his Preacher father and Political Science Major mother who instilled a sense of values, integrity and education, Marq is on a mission. To say less is an obvious understatement.
Besides being a writer, photographer, filmmaker and producer, Marq has become an active leader in his local community. As an activist, he has been recognized for his leadership. His passion for helping others is the driving force of his life's work.
He is not afraid to take on controversial topics and bring light and transparency to subjects that have remained hidden. He was recently honored with a United Nations Association humanitarian award, named 2016 Tulsan of the Year and also awarded one of the four Oklahomans of the Year.
He was also the recipient of the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry Point of Light award and the Links Circle of Friends in Service Award among other prestigious accolades. He has not only been recognized for his social activism nationally, but also internationally as well.
Marq is known for his positive energy, enthusiasm, leadership and his ability to bring people from all walks of life together. He says, “Social justice is a continual form of pressure to create this atmosphere, this awakening from the community.”
He believes each person has the opportunity to find that revelation within them to create a revolution which brings forth a new awareness of humanitarianism and justice.
As an entrepreneur, Marq has set the bar high. He is nationally recognized for stories that are colorful, energetic and captivating. His work has been used by the Associated Press and other news based organizations. Marq believes that determination, faith in God and a lot of elbow grease has made him into the professional he is today.
"My dream is to create stunning projects that enlighten and entertain. That dream drives me every day.” - Marq Lewis
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