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  • Who are you?
My name is Harrys.
I'm a skilled editor and a Youtuber. Really love video games, especially racing games. I'm one of the best Driveclub players holding multiple World Records and one of the fastest GT Sport players too!

  • Why "Martilied"?
Great question! Well, I was trying to find my Youtube name. I thought about cutting my surname in half (Marti) and then adding the word "lie". That was just a random word my brain generated in under 1 second while I was bored. So, I added Marti+"lied" (like you say he lied at me) and when I first pronounced it I liked it.

  • Why did you create your Patreon page?
I created this page because I want to get some money in order to upgrade my gaming equipment and also reward you for donating me!

  • Why should I donate you?
Every amount of donation I receive will be mainly for a better gaming equipment and also for some giveaways!
First of all, I can't stream! I have a standard Ps4 which allows only 720p livestreaming and a really slow internet connection.
So, I want to buy a capture card, or even a Ps4 pro and upgrade my internet connection in order to be able to livestream! Also, making videos takes a lot of time. Recording, editing and uploading (especially with a slow connection) takes a lot of hours. Knowing that someone out there will donate keeps me highly motivated to continue making videos.

  • Your quote?
I'm neither a pro nor a beginner, but if you ask others, they will tell you I'm a talent.
0 of 100 patrons
The first 100!
That looks so far away but.... who knows?
If we ever reach 100 patrons I will have enough money to upgrade my gaming equipment!
A new giveaway will also open!
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