Jorge Sobrino

is creating videos that shine a light on Indie Games.

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High-Five of Awesomeness Tier: First you get a most heartfelt and deep thank you! Secondly if you see me anywhere on the street, a personal high five is guaranteed. No matter the situation. If I'm on a date, at a funeral, being elected President. That high five is yours!!
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Question Tier: Aside from your high five of awesomeness that is guarenteed to make your hand quiver with delight. With this donation level you can ask me ANY question that pops into your head and I will answer it during either a Q&A video or Twitter or any medium of your choosing.
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Shout-Out Tier: For your generosity and good taste. I will be making a special Shout-out video for those special people. This video will be unique and feature your name/username during the course of the video. Rather that be a pun, song, lymerick, or interpretive jazz routine. While the dates and time of when the Shout-out video will be made vary, one will be produced.




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I am a husband, father, gamer and most importantly, a lover of Indie games. I think the little guys deserve as much support as they can get. I try to be positive and showcase the best features of the games I cover. You never know which diamond in the rough you will love, and I am committed to bring you as many as I can. If you support me, you help me continue to do what I love most, which is spread the love of indie games, and gaming in general to the world.
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