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About Wilhelm Stoehlmacher

4 Days ago on Nov 01, I started writing a novel in the NaNoWriMo. I would like to use that opportunity to get in touch with other creators and I will publish my progress here. ... And my run ins, and maybe even pictures of my filing system to help you get ideas. Please get in touch. I am all about people.  
GET IN TOUCH please everybody =)

My projects 
Herlejn: Mage Tower -- current
Rupheus IV, a novel  -- Schublade
A Story to be Told, a movie script  -- Schublade
Die Galerie der Toten, a feature movie script  --Schublade

I am really into people I love hanging around pretty and friendly faces. I also like walking a "night cap" every day to recover and stay moving.

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My first goal is to wake the interest of five individual people and get some conversation starting. I want to share what I am doing
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